Commissions + Personal Work

Drawings of real people and fictional characters. Or faces of no one in particular, pure shape, line, and colour explorations.

If you're interested in a portrait commission, please reach out to hello@natalieheaman.ca and I'll let you know my availability. Prices depend on style and complexity.

Image shows two portraits, both in a black and white line art style. The people depicted are both yougn women, both looking at the camera.
Image shows two portraits, both in a black and white line art style. On the left is a young woman with glasses, and on the right a man with glasses and a beard.

Image shows a fantasy portrait illustration. The character is a purple skinned elf with flowing white hair. There is a hole in her chest from which a red tree is growing. She holds a bird in her hand and looks down at it.
Portrait of a fictional fantasy character, the Sparrowhawk from the Wizard of Earthsea book series. He faces the viewer, wearing a hood and holding a glowing staff. Around him is the night sky with stars.
Image shows two colourful portraits. oth are of women, one in red and a profil view. The other in green and viewed straight on.
Image shows two colourful portaits. One is a solemn looking man in blue, the other a smiling green woman.
Image of arrow pointing to the left.Image of arrow pointing to the right.