Delta Life Skills

Branding + Website Design

Created with Indalma Creative for the Delta Life Skills Society

When the Delta Life Skills Society approached Indalma, they were looking to refresh the brand of their Delta Life Skills Summer Program. The non-profit offers a unique service: a summer-long day camp with a high staff-participant ratio, following school hours from Monday to Friday, for children and youth with disabilities. The program helps campers learn life skills, from preparing meals, to riding transit or handling money, all while spending time in their community and having fun.

We began the rebrand with a discovery meeting to identify DLS’ challenges and goals, followed by a competitive analysis and moodboards.

Brand Logo, Pattern, & Icons

The logo design process was guided by asking:
if this brand where a person, what would they be like?

It would be a supportive role model who is fun to spend time with but is still a source of structure and security

After many sketches we settled on a hand-lettered direction for the logo. This led to fast and messy iterations, from which elements were cherry-picked and refined to create the final logo.

Image showing the words "life" and "skills" sketched with many different versions.
Image of the final logos, including versions on orange and dark backgrounds.

Bright orange is an important colour to DLS, and was the only element of the old brand that carried over. Knowing that the logo would need to read well on the orange participant t-shirts, a version suited specifically for an orange background was included along with a standard reverse version.

Early on we decided the brand would benefit from having a series of icons and patterns, as relying on photography wasn’t realistic, especially with challenges due to Covid. The icons are  inspired by life skills like communication skills, managing emotions, and maintaining relationships. The core six icons can be combined to create a variety of options and meanings. The icons were also used to create patterns, both subtle and busy, to suit a variety of applications.

Image of icons created for the brand. They include smiley faces, a sun, speech bubbles, and a waving hand.
Image of the brand pattern. Both patterns show smiley faces scattered across a background. There is a light version on light blue and a dark version on dark blue.
Image shows a more detailed pattern created for the brand. The pattern uses the brand icons and bright colours and circles.

Website Design & Development

The Delta Life Skills website is a key place for all the information about the Summer Program, from instructions on how to register, ways to donate, hiring information, and more. I designed and developed this website on Wordpress, resulting in a welcoming, fully updated site with all new content.

Image shows a screenshot of the website home page including: the main menu, images from a previous camp, and copy describing the camp.
Image shows three more screenshots from the website, of the "About us" page, the "donate' page, and the "how to apply" page.
Image of arrow pointing to the left.Image of arrow pointing to the right.