Batch Food

Signage + Icon System

Created with Indalma Creative for Batch Food

Since 2012, Batch has been delivering healthy fresh and frozen meals to the Lower Mainland, with Indalma working on their brand since the beginning. When Batch bought and absorbed another meal-providing business, their menu expanded and a storefront was inherited. This exciting development meant a lot of new changes for Batch and their customers, as they never had a storefront open to the public before. While at Indalma I worked on new Batch branded signage for the interior and exterior of their new location, and worked with their developer to update their website.

Store Exterior Signage

All photography of the Batch store (interior and exterior) by Tyler Garnham.

The new storefront provided a great opportunity to strengthen the Batch brand, with messaging sharing Batch' values, all with cheerful colours and new playful icons. The exterior needed to clearly let existing and potential customers know what Batch could do for them, whether they were passing directly out front or viewing it from across the parking lot.

Photo of the update exterior storefront. There are brand colours covering some windows, and details such as store hours and contact info are on display. On the front door a graphic says "Hi, come on in! We're cooking up something good."

Interior Store Signage

When Batch bought and absorbed another business, they gained a new storefront and inherited their coolers, but also all the existing signage. The Indalma team and I quickly set to work updating these fascias to be on-brand and share Batch values with customers new and old.

Image shows part of the store interior. A large freezer and cooler can be seen, both have updated fascias.
Image shows a graphic that covers the entire back wall of the shop. On it are fun food facts, simple food illustrations, quotes from chefs, and two reciepes.
This feature wall design fully covers the wall behind the checkout counter, sharing food related fun-facts, playful quotes, and recipes.

Icon System

Along with updates to their new location, we found Batch's new, bigger menu could benefit from an icon system to help customers navigate their many options. I designed a set of icons that Batch could use to label specific products, identifying at a glance if something is fresh or frozen, or if it follows a certain dietary restriction or preference. Once the icons were ready, I sent UI design mockups to developer show how we wanted them to be used across the site. These final icons appear when browsing the menu and on individual product pages; they also can be found on printed materials, including on the store exterior.

Image shows the batch food website on mobile phone and desktop. On all screens there are icons representing food categories, like fresh or frozen. The screens how how these apper on different parts of the site, like while browsing the menu or on a product page.
Image of arrow pointing to the left.Image of arrow pointing to the right.