Barnside Brewing Co.

Print + Packaging

Created with Indalma Creative for Barnside Brewing Co.

Landing Lager Packaging & Poster

Barnside Brewing has strong roots in the community of Ladner, BC. The brewery was founded by four farming families, and each of their craft beer recipes use as many farm-grown ingredients as possible. Their Landing Lager celebrates the historic town, taking inspiration from the area that was known as Ladner's Landing. The archival photo below (over 100 years old) captures the bustle around the Delta Hotel on the Landing, which inspired this beer label.

The design travels back in time, taking a familiar Ladner view of the Fraser River and illustrating how it used to be. I illustrated and designed the Landing Lager label, and later used elements from it to create the 12 pack box and a poster announcing its arrival in stores.

Long image that shows: 1. an archival photo of the Ladner's Landing area in the 1910's. 2. the illustrated can design, shown on three cans. 3. a photo of the 12 pack case box on a store shelf. 4. a poster promoting the Landing Lager beer.

Beer Sell Sheets

Barnside Brewing is well loved for their wide variety of beers, each with it's own distinct personality. Their sell sheets needed to capture the unique qualities of each while clearly presenting all necessary information and being recognizably on brand. I created the layouts of these important touch-points, ensuring each puts Barnside's best foot forward.

Image shows a variety of sell sheets for different kinds of beers, each different to compliment the different beer labels.
Image of arrow pointing to the left.Image of arrow pointing to the right.